On July 14, 2021, torrential rain fell on western Germany in a matter of just 22 hours. As a result, the Ahr and Erft rivers overflowed, causing catastrophic floods. At least 180 people lost their lives and several villages and cities suffered extensive damages, with disruption of water, electricity, and natural gas services.

Clothes Collection

The Humanitarian Relief Committee of the SSSIO of Germany immediately set up a planning team. Within a few days, food, water, and basic necessities were distributed in the village of Antweiler.

Shortly thereafter, SSSIO members served two more villages on the banks of the river Ahr. Because water levels inside homes were as high as 1.5–5 metres, a wide variety of tools and equipment were required to remove debris and repair the damage. Additionally, people who were forced out of their homes and seeking temporary shelter required further assistance.

Drying Houses

Over several weeks, the SSSIO of Germany distributed tools, equipment, food, clothing, and household items to 60 families in Insul and Altenburg, amongst other places. Additionally, eight clothes dryers were donated to the villagers of Antweiler and Altenburg. The relief work is expected to continue.

Toolkit Donation
Humanitarian Relief after Floods in Germany

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