[testimonial]A retired Sathya Sai doctor from UK writes:

Swami took all of us (hand selected by Himself) on a journey of discovery and adventure to meet our Filipino members of the family. Since our role in life is to discover our innate divinity, grow in love, and radiate this love to all, including those who do not like us. On this journey, he threw quite a lot of challenges at us to see to what extent we could work together, how competently each performed his allotted duties, and whether we saw Swami in everyone, and whether we enveloped all in our orbit of love. Going by Swami’s feedback following most of the camps done earlier, I personally feel that he would have been pleased to see us rise to meet at least his minimum level of expectations. Let us all thank Swami for giving us an opportunity to be part of his mission to change hearts and minds of other humans, armed only with our love, and to bring joy into their lives.


[testimonial ]A Sathya Sai volunteer from USA writes:

One time in Casa Blanca my hosts handed me a small glass of water and a piece of rock candy as I was departing. It was to wish me sweet memories of my visit there. I will always have sweet memories of my time with all of you in Tacloban.[/testimonial]

[testimonial ]A psychologist from USA writes:

Thank you all for the amazing fellowship along this wonderful journey. The images, thoughts and feelings we shared live in my heart. I hope our paths cross again….soon. Namaste![/testimonial]

[testimonial ]A Sathya SaiĀ pediatricianĀ from USA writes:

Thanks to each and every one of you for making Swami’s mission a success. It was a very delightful experience working with such a great team of devoted and caring people. I could not not have asked for a better group of volunteers to work with.[/testimonial]

[testimonial ]A pediatrician from UK writes:

It was a total pleasure to work with such an inspirational group of people and I am so happy and thankful to have been a part of it. Although I do not know Sai Baba in the way that most of you do, it was amazing hearing all the stories and being a part of the love that you all share through Him. I feel I was meant to have come on this trip; little things appeared throughout the trip that made it clear that this was so, and I will not forget the wonderful memories.[/testimonial]


Testimonial April 2014

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