A Sai Volunteer shared his experience. The team had completed their Narayana Seva (distribution of food to the community) when some little boys came. They were hungry…

One day after Narayana Seva, we returned home and sat down for lunch. Our lunch usually consists of the same food we cook and serve during the food service.

As we sat down and finished the food prayer, five boys about 7 to 19 years in age appeared at the gate of the Sai Home and knocked. I had never seen them before anywhere. Upon inquiry by Leiz, our Sai Home helper, they replied they were hungry and wanted food. I invited them in. The temperature was about 105-110 F in the hot sun. I told them to come inside and sit down at a table in the back, a small area. I asked them to wash their hands and gave them a towel to dry up. They sat down, without talking.

We had enough food for two or three people. They were very hungry, and as they started eating a light rain started coming down, and we hurried them inside. They sat in a circle, cross-legged, like Bhagawan’s students do when they eat Prasadam in Sai Kulwant Hall. They shared the food equally among themselves, drank the water quietly, washed their hands and left. At the gate as they took leave, they turned and in one voice said ‘Salamat‘ (thank you). I never saw them again. In my heart, I felt that we must have served Bhagawan, who came to have lunch with us that day and brought us joy and happiness.

Testimonial, May 2014

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