Sathya Sai Volunteers have undertaken an initiative to set up a Sathya Sai Medical Clinic in an area of Barangay (village) called San Jose in Dulag. A local health center,  Bumi Wadah Foundation Maternity  Clinic, partnered with the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) to establish a new Sathya Sai Maternity Center to provide free medical services.

As a first step, the SSIO, Philippines identified a building suitable to set up a medical facility. The selected building was completely renovated by the SSIO and two additional wings were constructed on either side of the existing property to accommodate the free clinic. The owner of the building was very touched by the outstanding services provided by the SSIO and its volunteers. She said, ” Thank you for serving my brothers and sisters in Dulag. May Jesus bless all of you always“. The rooms in the original building will be used for patient registration, pharmacy, delivery room and recovery room for the mother and child. The tentative opening date was earmarked for January, 2015.

Sathya Sai Maternity Health Clinic to come up, October 2014 update

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