On October 4th , 2016 Hurricane Matthew hit the western coast of Haiti. Recorded as one of the most powerful Caribbean storms in a decade with a death toll of over 1,000. Among the many areas affected by the hurricane in Haiti’s southeastern peninsula of Tiburon, the city of Jeremie was considered one of the worst hit in Haiti. The category 5 hurricane left about 1.4 million in need of assistance.

As of January 2017, the local SSIO’s Central American disaster relief team, operating primarily out of the Dominican Republic, has made several visits to the most affected areas. Since most of the hardest-hit places are small fishing and farming villages, the SSIO is providing local farmers with seed packets as an important resource towards rebuilding their community.

In addition, the SSIO is arranging food containers and evaluating high-grade water filters to assist some of the most devastated areas that lie between the cities of Port au Prince and Jeremie.

Additional reports will be provided as the relief operations continue.

Giving Out Seeds


Update on Disaster Relief Work in Haiti

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