wheelchair patient has his medicine

A five-day medical camp was held in the Municipality of Dulag, a poor rural district, located an hour’s drive from our Sai Home in Tacloban. This is an area severely impacted by typhoon Yolanda with the eye of the storm passing over the town. The international team consisted of 5 medical practitioners, 1 dentist, 1 nurse/psychologist and 5 general volunteers. Every day the team serviced a different area and a total of 2,095 patients were seen, including 179 dental patients. All patients received free medical and/or dental care and free medication.

About 300 people participated in a Stress Alleviation Intervention (S.A.I.) training program to help patients with hypertension reduce their stress. The S.A.I. protocol was followed by a general session to promote good health.

Although a small team with volunteers from different countries and divergent cultures, the group came together right from the start with a single focus, to Love All and Serve All. It was pure bliss! Thank you Lord for allowing us to serve You in the hearts of all those we met.

The local officials and residents were very appreciative of the medical services provided by the Sathya Sai volunteers.

June 2014 Philippines

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