Months after the devastating earthquake, Sathya Sai International Organisation Nepal (SSION) continues to be engaged in relief work and distribution of supplies. A typical relief package contained one tent, one tarpaulin, one mattress, one blanket, and one solar torch light. During the monsoon season, SSION distributed 974 tents as temporary housing. Similarly, after the schools opened, SSION distributed school uniforms, stationary, and books to over 500 needy children.

In addition to short and mid-term relief work, the SSION has initiated several projects to help restore and rehabilitate communities. Housing projects at three locations are under construction. Similarly, at four places, construction of community drinking water projects are underway. At all of these sites, community prayer halls are also being constructed for the spiritual uplift of the villagers. Overall, a total of 56 homes have been constructed or committed across the villages of Lele, Khalte and Khalte, including one for a family in Kathmandu.

Similarly, four water projects have been completed. In Baraha, a village in the mountains of the Gorkha district, a new water system provides drinking water to 350 people. In the village of Baluwa, a water well with a depth of over 140 metres was installed. In Balkot, a village where people have to walk for about an hour each way to gather water, a new water pipeline system will serve drinking water across four schools with 502 students, and 534 households. Finally, at Chhatiwan hill, the water project undertaken serves drinking water to 70 households and a school with about 200 students.

The SSION has also been actively involved in medical work. A two-day medical camp in the Attarpur village brought 18 doctors, 27 paramedics and 55 volunteers, and served 1,029 patients. In order to supplement the outreach medical initiatives of SSION, the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) has provided one mobile medical van which is currently being used to conduct medical camps in remote areas.

Overall, through the relentless hard and selfless work of the SSIO volunteers, a large number of people have received important aid and supplies. Above all they have enjoyed from the unconditional, compassionate and loving care that everyone deserves.

Relief Updates from Nepal

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