Over the last six months, the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) has continued to support various relief and rehabilitation service projects in Bahia De Caraquez, Ecuador, with focus on the following areas: home re-construction, medical camps, local school repairs, community education, distribution of supplies and house essentials and set-up of learning environments and infrastructures.

As of October 2016 the SSIO has sponsored the reconstruction of six homes, by procuring all necessary construction materials, while partnering with the home owners and local community to provide the labour of love. A waiting list for other families in need has also been initiated with the hopes of helping as many of them as possible.

From a medical perspective, the SSIO hosted medical camps in June and October of 2016, bringing together doctors and volunteers from the USA and Latin America. During these visits, camps were held across different communities, with visits from 50-100 patients daily. A range of chronic conditions were treated, and health education was provided to children and adults during these camps. During some of these camps our volunteers also distributed fresh food items, fruits, mattresses, kitchen utensils, toiletry items, medications and clothes. In addition, a session on laughter therapy—a treatment geared to reduce the stress on the distraught victims of the earthquake—was conducted by a local psychologist.

The SSIO has also contributed to the rehabilitation of multiple areas of the local Sathya Sai School of Bahia,  which was also impacted by the earthquake, including classrooms, walkways and pillars, bathrooms,  local staff quarters, and an auditorium,  and the re-habilitation of a free community clinic. Similarly, a variety of supplies and books were donated to the school, while a new computer room was fully enabled for the school’s children and staff use.

It’s important to note that the Sathya Sai School of Bahia and its members have been a pillar of hope to the local community, serving as a shelter, community clinic and training centre for community rehabilitation since the quake. Sathya Sai Baba School in Bahia is not only one of Ecuador’s most effective schools, but also provides free education ensuring that the financially disadvantaged young children have the best possible chance for success in life. Their mission of bringing human values to the communities has only intensified since the events of this past April, and continuing to host several seminars on human values for parents and other community members.

Much work remains to be done and we will continue to update our readers and interested volunteers in the months to come.

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Update on Disaster Relief Work in Ecuador

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